In this section you will find a comprehensive list of answers to the most common questions related to the web site. Just in case you could not find what you were looking for, feel free to contact us for further assistance via the "Contacts" form, by clicking the corresponding link in the menus placed on every single web page. Questions of general interest will be published in this section, along with the answers given by our editorial staff.

Q: Is the Laura Antonelli's official web site?
A: is NOT the web site of Laura Antonelli, but a tribute web site devoted to the "Divine Nymph". In a few words, is an amateur, non-profit web site conceived and developed by a bunch of the Istrian actress "fan...atics". Anyway, Laura Antonelli is informed about this "tribute" web site, its activity, the messages of esteem and affection addressed to her and posted in the "Guestbook" section and she greatly appreciates the meticulous work done by our staff.

Q: Why a web site totally devoted to Laura Antonelli?
A: Laura Antonelli is commonly considered as one of the Italian movie scene last Divas. Her films are well known and appreciated throughout the world. Our purpose is to collect together in a unique web site the largest amount of information and images regarding the "Divina" and her artistic career. NO DOWNLOAD AREA is provided on this web site.

Q: Is Laura Antonelli loved and estemeed by her fans up till now?
A: To better understand the Laura Antonelli "phenomenon" just take a look at the many collector and auction web sites, where the actress "memorabilia" (rare films, movie posters and playbills, stage stills, picture stories, magazines, etc.) are sold and bought at "outrageous" prices. Need we to say more?

Q: Is an adult-oriented web site?
A: Even if nude scenes are an integral part of many movies performed by the Istrian actress, this web site is NOT to be intended as the Laura Antonelli's nudity photo/video file. Here you will find only a few chaste nudity of the actress. The ones that made the history, giving birth to the "myth". Anyway, if nudity may offend you or if you are not of the legal age in your country to view these contents you are kindly requested to exit the "" web site now.

Q: What can I find in the web site?
A: is a loving tribute to Laura Antonelli: the "Divine Nymph". Basically the web pages currently online contain: actress biography and filmography, movie files, posters and playbills, stage stills, audio/video player and guestbook, where messages sent to Laura Antonelli can be posted. Info related to movies performed by Laura Antonelli always refer to the original editions, most of which released in Italy.

Q: What can not I find in the web site?
A: is NOT a "gossip" web site. It means that in this "virtual square" will not have place news and stills related to the private and judicial events that caused the premature end of Laura Antonelli's career in 1991, when she definitely disappeared from the big screen.

Q: Will the contents of be constantly updated?
A: As soon as new info, images and video clips regarding Laura Antonelli's career and movies are available, they will be immediately published on line, but without any recurrence. In the "FILMOGRAPHY" section, particularly, the appearance of the icon next to a movie title will point out the existence of new contents (texts, playbills, images, etc.) in the related technical file.

Q: Why is it not possible to display plots and slideshows of movies?
A: Movie plots and slideshows are displayed within popup windows. Pop-up blocker or killer applications must be disabled to let these windows come up. Moreover, the Flash Player released by ADOBE SYSTEMS is required in order to play slideshows.

Q: Why doesn't the audio, video or gallery player appear in the display web page?
A: Failure in loading the player for audio and video clips or galleries playback is caused by the absence of Flash Player from the computer. This free plug-in can be downloaded from the ADOBE SYSTEMS web site. Stereo speakers or headphones are requireed to listen to the audio track of the clips.

Q: How can we help the editorial staff of
A: You may report errors and omissions. They will be examined and included in future updates, if approved by our staff. Also report web site malfunctions and broken links. As said before, is an amateur web site, so we couldn't work full-time on it. For this reason, every single external support will be definitely appreciated.

Q: Can I send stuff regarding Laura Antonelli to
A: Absolutely. Help us in improving and increasing the contents of this web site. Anyway, always contact first the editorial staff via the "Contacts" form, letting know what you want to send on. If your stuff is of some interest for this web site, you will be contacted by a member of our staff.

Q: What does currently need?
A: All the stuff regarding the Laura Antonelli's movie career: news, info, magazine articles and, first of all, movie trailers, pictures taken on the movie sets and backstages. Stuff sent on by you will be given without consideration to and with your express written consent.

Q: Can the contents of be captured and used on other web sites?
A: We have not the technical means to prevent the misappropriation of this web site contents. At the same time, it is not our intention to protect them from "predators" assault at any cost. Anyway, never forget that we spent a lot of time, energies and money to plan and develop our project. So, please, respect our hard work. Ask first for our explicit and written consent if you want to publish the contents on other web sites. Of course, always remember to quote the source: "".